Driver Education

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Behind the Wheel Instruction only is available for Students

Classrooms in Bangor, Holmen, Sparta, La Crosse and Onalaska
Wisconsin DMV approved online class is available.  Information and registration

DMV-Permit-Test practice tests -
The practice tests are completely free and requires no registration. The DMV's aim is to make the road a safer place.
Students will not be asked to provide their email address, create an account, or share any other personal information.

Failure to Yield Course $85.00

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Our Objective:

Providing Quality

Drivers Education

for over 50 years

To educate students to become skillful and confident operators of cars and light trucks (Class D license) through state of the art teaching tools and qualified instructors.

"Our classrooms are comfortable,
our materials are up to date,
our instructors professional."

Drivers Education Testimonial

"I am excited to have my son be a part of the Zimmerman Driving School in Onalaska, WI.  I did my research before signing him up with Zimmerman and I am confident that we made the best possible choice.  In going through the selection process, we reviewed all of the websites for each of the local driving schools.  Each time we kept coming back to Zimmerman.  Additionally, in talking with friends, family and even strangers in some cases, Zimmerman always held the highest of accolades among its alumni. Why would I shortcut my son's initial driving experience in order to save a few dollars?  When I considered the low student-to-driver ratios, the high quality face-to-face instructors and the proactive staff it was an obvious choice.  Zimmerman gets my business and my son gets the best possible experience behind the wheel.  Thanks Zimmerman Driving School!" - Joshua Henshaw

Failure to Yield Course

As of August 1, 2012 anyone who receives a Failure to Yield ticket must take an approved DOT Failure to Yield Course.  This course is to teach the individual the proper procedure, it is not to penalize, but is to enhance the skill needed.  The course must be completed within a year.  There is no written test.  Courses are set monthly, based on number of participants.

This is a 2 hour course for drivers of any age.  A Certificate is given at the end of the course (for Div. of Motor Vehicles) to show that the course has been completed. Fee $85.00 .............course schedule

Drivers Education Class

We utilize the Motorists Handbook, textbooks, guest speakers and videos to instruct driving school students in a meaningful and interesting way to enable them to become excellent and safety conscious drivers. There is 30 hours of driver school classroom instruction time, 6 hours of driving school actual in-car instruction plus 6 hours of drivers school observing another student operate the vehicle during driving school.   

Adults only :  $50.00 per hour,
15-18 years of age see individual classrooms for current fee

Wisconsin DMV approved online class is available.  Information and registration