Q - At what age can student take the classroom?
A - 15-18 years old.

Q - At what age can student apply for the Permit?
A – 15 ˝ years old.

Q - What happens if the student fails the DMV test given in class?
A - If the student fails the DMV test we offer, they have to go to the DMV to retake it when they are 15 ˝. If already 15 ˝ the student must wait 1 whole day.
A - If a student younger than 15 ˝ fails our DMV test, and will not turn 15 ˝ for 3 or 4 months, there will be a lot of time between the classroom portion (needed to remember) and the next DMV test.

Q - What is the fee?
A - Varies, for classroom and behind the wheel together, please check class schedules for pricing. The price listed will include both 30 hours of classroom and 12 hours (6, 2-hour lessons) in the vehicle learning basic driving skills.
A - The fee is $225 for behind-the-wheel only for students under 18 years old who have completed a recognized driver education 30 hour classroom at a different school.
A - Adults 18 years and older, call for pricing for behind the wheel lessons.

Q - Why is classroom three weeks long?
A -The State of WI only allows us to teach students under the age of 18 years, for 2 hours per day. The classroom portion is 30 hours long, so it is a 3 week commitment is required.

Q - Do you take credit cards?
A -Yes we now accept credit cards (no AmEx). Most people pay the full amount, but we now request one half on or before day 1. Full payment must be made before Permit application is issued.

Q - What does the full course fee include?
A - 30 hours of classroom (15 days @ 2 hours each day) (per State of WI). Plus 12 hours in the vehicle (per State of WI). We take two students at a time 6 times @ 2 hours each time, so each student drives for 1 hour and observes for 1 hour.

Q - If my student has taken classroom elsewhere but needs behind the wheel only, what is he process?
A - Obtain an authorization from previous school with the class dates. That school is aware of what this school requires. Bring a hard copy or have the authorization emailed to us at zimmermandriving@centurylink.net.   Sign a contract and make full $225 payment. Then, a Permit Application will be issued by Zimmerman Driving School, then the student will go to the DMV to take the Permit test.



Q - What does the behind the wheel only fee include?
A - We take two students at a time 6 times @ 2 hours each time, so each student drives for 1 hour and observes for 1 hour (per State of WI). These lessons are generally a week apart.

Q - Where can we find the classroom schedule and prices?
A -Call the office 783-3238 or go to our website www.zimmermandrivingschool.com

Q - How do we enroll our student for the program?
A - Call the office 783-3238 or on-line at www.zimmermandrivingschool.com

Q – What information is needed to enroll the student?
A - First name, middle name and last name (must match the birth certificate or passport), street & city address, main parent phone number, back-up phone number, date of birth, where student goes to school and which classroom location and date of class. Note: Our office in Onalaska serves classrooms in La Crosse, Onalaska, Holmen, Bangor and Sparta.

Q - Do we need a Permit before coming to classroom?
A - No, do not go to the DMV before classroom or at least discussing this with the office

Q - Does Zimmerman Driving School do the Permit test in class?
A - No. We offer the test before or after a class, in the last week of the course. Students are offered the opportunity to take the test with us once. There is no requirement for the student to take the DMV permit test with us.

Q - Do we still have to go to the DMV?
A - Yes, we do not issue permits. The fee paid to the DMV is for the permit processing and is not included in the course fee paid to Zimmerman Driving School

Q - What do we take to the DMV to get a Permit?
A - Either a Birth Certificate with a raised seal or a valid Passport, plus student’s Social Security card plus the Permit Application form (MV3001) from Zimmerman Driving School.

Q - Do we need an appointment at the DMV to get the Permit?
A - No appointment accepted. You just do a walk in.

Q – How long is the Permit good for?
A – 12 months with renewals available.

Q - What do I do when I have my Permit?
A - Call Zimmerman Driving School to let us know you have your Permit. We will work with you to schedule behind the wheel lessons required to finish your course.

Q - When we call with our Permit, what will be asked?
A - Student’s birthdate. We’ll ask when the best time for the student to drive (i.e. any after school activities) to determine which instructor will best synchronize with your schedule. You will be reminded to always bring your Permit with you, wear closed toed shoes, (no flip-flops, sandals, etc.), and will be given the name and phone number of the instructor who will call to schedule behind the wheel lessons.

Q - Why do I need the instructor’s name and phone number?
A - You will be working directly with the instructor for your driving schedule, and ALSO try to give a 24-hour notice if you must cancel a behind-the-wheel lesson (to avoid a $25 penalty). The instructor’s name and phone number should be on the website if you can’t reach the office (if you lose the information).

Q - How long does the student have to have their Permit before going for their road test?
A - Student must hold a Permit for a minimum of 6 months from the day they get their Permit (per State of WI).

Q – Is an appointment necessary to take a road test?
A - Yes.

Q - How do I make an appointment?
A - You can go on line at the DMV website, 11 weeks before eligible to take the driving test at the DMV. Please go online http://wisconsindot.gov/Pages/online-srvcs/sch-road-test/schedule.aspx to schedule.

Q - What is the DMV phone number?
A - 1-800-924-3570 (no local number)

Q - What do I take to the DMV for the road test?
A - If both classroom and behind the wheel is done with Zimmerman Driving School, the completion information is sent directly to the DMV electronically, thereby eliminating a paper product. The only document you need to take is your Permit.

Q - What if I lost my permit or my Permit expired?
A - If you have not yet completed behind the wheel training with us, call 783-3238 for a replacement MV3001 form. DO NOT go to the DMV until you have the replacement form. The DMV cannot help you until you have a new MV3001 form filled out at our office. A - If you have already completed classroom and all six behind the wheel training sessions with us, your completion information was submitted online directly to the DMV. They will be able to look up information at the DMV.