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  1. Students must attend all 30 hours of classroom education (break time does not count toward class). Days 1 and 15 are mandatory attendance.  SORRY-NO exceptions!

  2. Students are only allowed 2 absences which must be made up. The third absence results in the student’s removal from class and they may be required to repeat the entire 30 hour classroom portion at the next course offering.  Any student who misses more than two classes or fails the class will not be allowed to take the Behind-the-Wheel instruction until all classes are completed, and a passing grade obtained.

  3. Students must be on time for each class period. Tardy is missing less than 10 minutes of class. More than 10 minutes is considered an absence.

    • Accumulation of 2 tardies = 1 absence. An essay may be required for any time missed for tardiness.

    • Leaving early for any reason will be counted as a missed class.

  4. Because subject matter may be different with each class, switching classes held on the same day might not be accommodated. It is the instructor’s discretion. Communication must be directed to the instructor.

  5. Students are expected to be prepared for class and follow classroom rules. Bring a notebook and the Wisconsin Motorists’ Handbook (distributed the first day of class) to each class.  We furnish a pen with black ink.

  6. Student must pass the classroom course with a passing grade to complete this course.

  7. IF STUDENT HAS PERMIT AND DOES NOT BEGIN THE CLASS WITHIN THE 60-DAY PERIOD, THE PERMIT WILL BE REVOKED.  Behind-the-wheel should begin as soon as possible after receiving Permit (must start within 60 days).  All 6 BTW classes will be completed within a 2-3 month period.  If a refresher lesson is needed, additional 1- hour lessons are $35 each.

  8.  Wear appropriate shoes for all behind-the-wheel lessons (no flip-flops, clogs, shoes without backs).  Cell phone use (includes text messages) is prohibited.


  1. Breaks will be at the instructor’s discretion.

  2. Students will respect other people and/or businesses by not congregating, by keeping noise down, and not fooling around in hallways.

  3. Hats and bandanas will not be worn in the classroom – this includes during the breaks. Shoes and shirts and appropriate clothing are to be worn in the classroom at all times.

  4. Smoking anywhere on school grounds will result in immediate removal from the course.

  5. No eating during class or in the classroom.  Do not come into classroom with chewing gum.  Please pick up all papers and pop cans from desks and floor areas.

  6. Cell phones will be turned off during class.  LEAVE ALL OTHER ELECTRIC DEVICES HOME. Students observed texting in class will be expelled.

  7. Inappropriate comments will not be tolerated.

  8. Any unnecessary talking will not be tolerated.

    • Disruptive behavior of any kind will not be tolerated.

    • Students may have an assigned seat.

    • First warning will be a verbal warning, the second will result in a different seat, and the third will result in immediate removal from the course.

  9. This course does not guarantee the passing of this course or obtaining the Class D license.

"Our classrooms are comfortable,
our materials are up to date,
our instructors professional."