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Zimmerman Driving School has been operating under the same ownership
longer than any other Driving School in Wisconsin, serving Wisconsin Drivers since 1966, more than 50 years!



At the end of this course all Driver Education Students should be able to do the following:


  1. Clarify the requirements for obtaining a Wisconsin Drivers License (Class D).

  2. Evaluate the Graduated Drivers License Law.

  3. Recognize and label the vehicle dash components.

  4. Formulate the proper steps in making turns and stops.

  5. Classify road signs, pavement markings and signal lights.

  6. Recognize the relevance of Visual Lead Time through the use of the I.P.D.E. process.

  7. Draw conclusions on how to handle driving hazards while using the I.P.D.E. process.

  8. Develop a plan for the proper identification and approach of intersections.

  9. Suggest criteria for driving during adverse weather conditions.

  10. Identify the effects of alcohol on the driving process.

  11. Formulate a plan to keep themselves from hazardous situations involving alcohol and driving.

  12. Investigate the cost of insurance and the conditions that affect the rates.

  13. Identify elements of improper driving procedures. Using a map, students will plan a trip.


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